JLS President

Welcome to the Junior League of Sacramento 2016-2017 year! 

It’s here! The beginning of a new League year and I’m thrilled to be starting a 2 year term as the Junior League of Sacramento (JLS) President. This year we are kicking off our new focus of Empowering Girls. A key piece of our mission is to “develop the potential of women,” so we are poised well to help develop the next generation of women leaders. Empowering Girls will not just be reflected in the community program work that we do but woven through all of our work including the continued leadership training we offer for our members, the policies that our State Public Affairs Committee tracks and the organizations that we continue to develop partnerships with.

Internally the Junior League of Sacramento has gone through a transition to separate our governance and management. Our management team is led by our Executive Vice President and they oversee the day to day operations and programming. The Board is now a true governing Board, setting the long term direction of the League, strengthening our strategic partnerships in the community and developing our strategy for strengthening the presence of the League in Sacramento.

We are a hidden gem in Sacramento but we are not meant to be hidden. The Junior League is the premier volunteer and leadership development organization for women and we want everyone in Sacramento to know that. The skills our women develop make them strong board members, executive directors, government officials, leaders and frankly anything they want to be. As we begin planning the 75th anniversary for the Junior League of Sacramento we’ll highlight not just the history of programming that we’ve started and supported in Sacramento but the JLS members that have paved the way and lead so strongly in various capacities in Sacramento.

Looking towards the next 2 years, there is a lot ahead of us but we are always up for it because we are the Junior League. It continues to be a learning experience for us all but we are very excited for the opportunities ahead. I’m looking forward to continuing my own leadership development, strengthening our partnerships in the community, empowering girls and revealing the hidden gem that is the Junior League of Sacramento. It is an honor to be on this journey, I hope you’ll join me.

Laurie Somerhausen

President, 2016-2018

Junior League of Sacramento