Do I have to be a member of Junior League of Sacramento to enroll?
We welcome all women looking to gain valuable leadership experience to apply.

Do I need to have a degree in order to apply?
There is no degree prerequisite for WE Rise. 

What is the time commitment?
The expected time commitment outside of class time is 2-3 hours per week on weeks when class is held. 

Will academic credit be issued for completing the course?
Upon completion of the program registrants will receive three units of credit which can be used toward Pacific’s MA, Organizational Learning and Effectiveness

How long do I have to complete the program?
In order to receive university credit, all nine modules must be completed within two years. 

Do I have to enroll in all modules?
Once registered, you can enroll in each module individually. However, there is discounted tuition for enrolling in the entire curriculum. Also, eligibility for university credit hours is based on the completion of all modules.

Do I have to take all of the modules in sequence?
Module 1 is required before taking any of the other modules and Module 9 must be taken last. The remaining modules can be taken in any order. 

Is attendance of both sessions of each module mandatory?
Each module will meet twice per month. Both meetings are mandatory. 

What are the registration rates?
Depending on the category, the rate per single module is $125-225 and the rate per nine module bundle is $900-1575. A full breakout of fees can be found here

Does the Junior League price apply to all League members or only those of Sacramento?
The member rate applies to all Junior League members, not just Sacramento members. We encourage Junior League members from throughout California to participate. 

Are all classes held virtually?
All classes through January 2022 will be offered virtually. This will give the opportunity for the students joining in January 2021 to complete the program virtually.    

If I have to cancel, am I eligible for a full refund?
Refunds will be issued for requests received in advance of the first day of the month corresponding to Module 1.

Will I receive JLS training credit for participating in the course?
Upon completion of Module 1 all participants will receive one JLS training credit, regardless of whether or not you complete subsequent modules.