Endowment Donors


The Junior League of Sacramento Endowment is proud to acknowledge our donors.  These people and organizations are the means to “ensuring the future and all its possibilities”.  Thank you.

Thanks to these donors, our fund total is over $400,000.

JLS Endowment donors as of December 31, 2016.

$25,000 and above

David P. and Margot Shinnamon Bach
Sandra G. Cook
Gordon and Merrily Wong

$15,000 – $24,999

David and Julie Bugatto
Jim and Jana Cuneo
JLS Sustainer Fundraisers
Vicki and Steve Pleau

$10,000 – $14,999

Maggie Cox
James and Aimee Gillum
Muriel P. Johnson
Tom and Mary Teichert Rotelli
Sandra R. Smoley
Nancy and Robert Tate
Jason and Amy Wister

$5,000 – $9,999

Robert and Stephanie Biegler
Gary and Karen Bocast
Michael and Bobbe Brown
Cheryll and Michael Cochrane
Paul and Stephanie Cripe
Duane and Valerie Dichiara
Jay and Cindy Freeman
Maic and Renee Friedrich
Sue Garcia
Carol and Dave Houston
Jane Jonsson
Keith and Gina Ketcher
Gregory and Moni
Van Camp Kondos
Patricia and Dale Mahon
    In memory of MaeBelle Pendergast
Doris Matsui
PAIR Design
Rani Pettis and David Pitman
RCA Community Fund
Marjorie J. Reid
Vicki and Ross Robinson
Karen and Geoff Sakala
Laurie Somerhausen
State Street Foundation
Mary Lou Stone
Catherine P. Taylor
Barbara Thomas
Chuck and Paulette Trainor
Marilyn Wickland

*Donors at $5,000+ will be listed on a permanent donor wall in the JLS Office

In Memoriam

Brigadier General John Gong

Justin and Kerube Caporusso
Elisa Jensen
Michael and Amanda Merz
Nancy Stebbins
Angela Thompson
Alison Winter

Sandra Cook

JLS Sustainer Daytime Bookends
Muriel P. Johnson

Sue Popp

Muriel P. Johnson
Shannon and Kevin Young

Jane A. Cook

Cheryl E. Holben
Charla Lyons King
Ruth Fields Messersmith

$1,000 – $4,999

Jean Artz
Michael and Tammy Beggs
Susan Bitar
Nancy G. Bittner
Janet Bollinger
Edith Brandenburger
Richard and Anne Brown
Happy Callis
Dr. Michael and Michelle Casagrande
Sharron and James Coulter
Art and Kathy Dublin
Patricia and Justin English
Nancy Fisher
Joanne Fletter
Jean Frioux
Judi Graham
Becky Johnson
Dorothy Lien
Jim and Dyan Mart
Michael and Amanda Merz
Barbara Holmes Montague
Melissa Munno
Tammy and Todd Murray
Jason and Laurie Powers
Ann Cornelius Reardon
Angela and Michael Roehm
Sacramento Region Community Foundation
Marilyn Scheid
Marnie Skehan
Dan and Nancy Stebbins
Troy and Mindi Stewart
Janice Stone Thomas
B.J. and Mike Ueltzen
Peggy Unger
Katherine D. Wood
Catherine Woodbridge


Sandy Smoley

Nancy Bittner
Julie Bugatto
Maggie Cox
Jana Cuneo
Joanne Fletter
Aimee Gillum
Judi Graham
Starr Hurley
Muriel P. Johnson
Gina F. Ketcher
Moni Von Camp Kondos
Karen Sakala
Mary Lou Stone
Jason and Amy Wister

Amy Wister

Richard and Anne Brown

Karen Sakala

State Street Foundation

Lisa Doliner

State Street Foundation

Mary Werling

Travelers Insurance

$1 – $999

Liz Welsh Abad

Michelle Applegate
Whitney Applegate
Sharon and Marc Aprea
Jennifer Bardin
Laura Baria
Jennifer Barsanti
James and Marilee Bellotti
Jeannie Benoist
Carol Bennett
Jan Bilstad
Pat Boyd
Kathryn Breuer
Jacque and Craig Brown
Margo Reid Brown
Paula ButlerBarbara Andras
Sandra Butler
Carole Canfield
Jenny Canfield
Justin and Kerube Caporusso
Alex Carl
Jean B. Carnie
Kathleen Campini Chambers
R Gail Charles
Jonathan Chase
Bob and Sheri Chow
Katharine Clark
Katie Finnigan Cohn
Nancy Comstock
Dawn Cornelius
Angela Damron
Lisa Doliner
Susan Douglass
Josh Ellis/VSP
Amanda Fagan
Lina Fat
Amanda Fuller
Gail George
Beverly Geremia
Kristi Gong
Sheri Graciano
Wendy Green
Caroline Gwerder
Erlene Hampton
Carole Harris
Linda Hayward
Harriett Henderson
Cheryl Holben
Starr Hurley
Margaret Hutchinson
Marian Hutnick and Jeff Fehler
Maryjane Jacobs
Elisa Jensen
Carolyn Johnson
Rosemary Jones
JLS Sustainer Daytime Bookends
Barbara Kennedy
Trish Kerns
Ann Kerr
Lois Kerr
Charla King
Joseph and Rosalind Knight
Donna Parsons Lane
Julie Laskin
Patricia Lee
Kimberly Lien
Christina Lokke
Carol Luery
Jan Luoma
Lee Mahla
AG Martinez
Mildred Martinez
Sara Martinez
James McCallum
Kevin and Jennie McCarl
Vi McNally
In memory of James Thomas McNally
Ruth Fields Messersmith
Amee Mikacich
Georgia Mikacich
Allison Miller
Karen Minato
JoAnn Moffett and Ricardo Goni
Danielle Mole’
Jennifer Niehaus
Mary Niello
Nielsen Insurance
Jacqueline O’Connell
Katherine O’Connor
Deanna Orr and Jeffrey Strenk
Elizabeth Payette
Autumn and Ron Peters
Tiffany Pokk
Carolyn G. Reid
JoAnn Reid
Nancy Reid
Christine M. Rodvold
Brooks Rooney
Deborah Rubens
Melodie Rufer
Todd and Elizabeth Rufer
Virginia Rynk
Jen Gehlen Schaper
Allie Schembra
Carol Shellenberger
Linda Canfield Scott
Joanne Sheehy
Cherie and Dennis Shimek
Jolene Shirey
Carol Siefkin
Steven and Eileen Smit
Kathleen Smith
Joseph and Eileen Speaker
Laura Sperry
State Farm Insurance
M’Lisse Stone
Steve and Cathleen (Cox) Stuggard
Gloria Takagishi
Teichert Foundation
Alexandra Telaro
Angela Thompson
Linda Tochterman
Drew and Ginny Townsend
Travelers Insurance
Janet Van Sicklen
Sue Vitello
Judy Warburg
Maryellen Weber
Elaine J. Weihman
Mary Werling
Lynn White
Amber Wiley
Alison Winter
Grant Winter
Marjorie Witt
Holly Wong
Shannon and Kevin Young