Children's Theater

Children's Theater is the longest-running community program, spanning more than 60 years.  We have entertained and taught countless children with our lively and educational musical theatre productions.  For many children, this is the only live theatre experience that they will experience. 

Since the 1940s, the Junior League of Sacramento has been dedicated to providing a free, live theater experience for local elementary school children. Committee members, JLS Sustainers, and community members serve as playwrights, actresses, back stage helpers, costume sewers, prop/scenery painters, and logistics coordinators in the quest to produce a quality play. February 5th thru March 8th of 2013, this committee will bring the original production of “Little Bird” to over 18,000 students from area school districts. To make a reservation please email jlschildrenstheatre@gmail.comClick here for additional information.